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Patola: Part 4: Weaving history and ecosystem

History and ecosystem of the Patan weavers

There are a few Salvi families in Patan. Each one claims to be making the original Patan Patola. The family of Rahul and Sawant Salvi have built a wonderful museum in Patan that showcases the different styles of the Patola.

In our Youtube channel here and below, Sawant Salvi gives an introduction to the Patola weave.

Introduction to Patola weaving

Sawant Salvi explains the history of the Patola weave.

History of the Patola weavers

The meaning of the motifs in the Patola

Here Sawant Salvi describes the meanings of the motifs in the Patan Patola

Here, textile expert, Archana Shah gives the context and the competition between the weavers of Patan Patola and Rajkot Patola.

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