Project LooM

The weaver’s mother and Spinner’s Son

It was actually an old bicycle wheel, but I was thrilled that it looked like a charka.  She was winding a bobbin for weaving as described here in this weaving tutorial.

To get the yarn ready for weaving, there are certain requirements.

  1. The yarn should be uniform
  2. Free from knots and loose hair
  3. Of even strength to withstand the loom

This takes skill.  It is similar to the zen of a potter’s wheel.  You can’t try too hard, you have to be centered and still to create this uniformity.  This woman obviously has a lot of practice.

Right beside her were a group of people making the warp, as explained here.  She however sat like a candle amidst the activity, moving with the wind but still underneath.  Suddenly she said….scroll down.

“Why don’t you go and meet my son? He is weaving in that home just over yonder.”  So I walked a few yards.  It was a pretty house with a garden and tidy courtyard.  Inside, with a television to distract him was the son, weaving shades of pink and orange.  Like the rising sun.

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