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So how do you make a Jamdani saree?

The different stages of weaving

So here is what happens. Here are the stages of weaving.

  1. Cotton gets picked. The Daccai jamdani was made with the now extinct Phuti karpash variety
  2. Cotton is cleaned
  3. Cotton is combed/ginned
  4. Spun
  5. Reeled, either with hand or amber charkha
  6. Drumming happens. The warp gets rolled by a drum. Watch the video below.
  7. The warp yarn gets starched.
  8. The warp threads get set on the beam.
  9. Bobbin are made for the weft yarn
  10. Also for the threads/yarn needed to weave/embroider the jamdani design on top
  11. The reed setting happens (Husband and wife do this in the video).
  12. The weaving begins. This is the most complicated part. It is what differentiates this weave. It is basically a supplementary weft weave that floats within the yarn. Read about it here.
  13. The bobbins are used to weave the weft and the design.
  14. The weaving finishes.
  15. The saree is checked for errors. Sometimes a section needs to be redone.
  16. The saree is removed from the loom.
  17. It is dusted and folded. Given that it has been in the loom for days.
  18. Sometimes it is sent for making edging by hand rolling or by fringe making.
  19. The saree is neatly folded in a specific way to enhance the designs and sent to the distributor or the shop
  20. You wear your jamdani.

Now that you have watched the video, check out these amazing women who work on jamdani sarees below

Women with magic in their fingers

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