Project LooM

Weaver’s Emotions

We weave our emotions with the sarees.

All kind of feelings being woven along with the saree. When I am sad, it will be little hollow (can’t find appropriate word ?). When I am happy it will be little dense. When I am normal it will be an even weave.

You will carry my emotions with our sarees.

Most of time you make us feel satisfied by wearing our creation.

Handlooms are best because you won’t find this kind of human emotions attached to power loom weaves. All these unevenness makes a beautiful drape.

It’s a human connection.

Our local ecosystem depends on local farmers and weavers.

Though we won’t be there to express our emotions, our weave will tell story of our emotional state while weaving that saree for you ??.

Be proud and confident while weaving a handwoven saree .

Thanks for supporting our weaves.

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